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We are visual storytellers without boundaries.

We bring your brand, your value proposition and your organization’s culture to life.

We pair our award-winning visuals with carefully crafted scripts to enhance your message and inspire action.


Telling your story, engaging your audience and driving results is what we do best.

Your vision is our passion.

Our Work

15 seconds – that may be all the time you have to capture attention on a web page. Static copy won’t keep prospects around any longer, but video will.

Digizoom Media knows what works in video, what’s new and why it matters. Even better, we know how to strengthen your message with video to enthrall your audience and keep them absorbing your story. See for yourself:


Video Services With A Purpose

Digizoom Media offers a wide range of video services, and we can customize the right solution for your business! 

Contact us at 216-526-0700 for a FREE one-on-one consultation for your video needs.


Website videos are a must-have to promote your business. Digizoom Media ensures your products and services are presented clearly and imaginatively, and that are they are easy to search on the web.


Digizoom Media creates marketing videos that immediately grab the attention of your potential clients, customers, and employees. Our videos drive interest and encourage action by visually highlighting the essential elements of your business. We help you present your business in the best possible light.


Make your events memorable with carefully conceived tribute videos from Digizoom Media. Transform the room with commemorative videos that boost the accomplishments of a business, organization or individual. When it’s time to create a lasting impression, don’t risk using a less powerful medium.


Entice your prospects and stand out from your competitors by visualizing your unique offerings. Digizoom Media’s technical expertise brings your story and value proposition to life.

Live Zoom Broadcasting

Make your next corporate Zoom event shine with live broadcasting from our studio environment.

We guarantee a professional video experience that will help your speakers look and sound great. Your audience will see a seamless transition between panelists and moderator that keeps them focused on your message.



The art of storytelling isn’t lost. It’s alive and well at Digizoom Media. Our founder, Richard Stewart, cut his teeth as a trained journalist and grew up in television reporting. His love of words and pictures led to the company he leads with passion and skill. He harnesses smart strategies, sophisticated design, authentic stories and innovative technology to drive results for our great clients. From concept to storyboard and scripting to post-production, Digizoom Media is anchored in telling your story.

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